About Shout Media Analytics

Building insights from socially available data
Powered by advances in computing technology and high speed internet, the world is witnessing an overload of information. Computer, tablet and smartphone users are increasingly using social media to voice their opinion and talk about their preferences about various topics.

“Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone..“ (Source http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/bigdata/)

Businesses worldwide are learning that people are talking about them and they need to find ways to manage this large data and build meaningful information that would be useful to perform their business.

Our research has indicated that while many organizations routinely monitor social media, very few use it to meet the varying needs of the market. The trends have indicated that more and more people would start using the internet and social media to talk about your company, your customer, your competitor and what they prefer.

A recent survey by the WorldCom Public Relations Group indicates that more than half (54%) of companies surveyed plan to increase spending on social media in 2011. This bodes well for Twitter, the most popular channel, used by 85 percent of global respondents, followed by Facebook (74%), LinkedIn (72%), YouTube (69%) and corporate blogs (60%).

It is therefore important that organizations monitor not just their own social media interactions but also of their peers and customers to get a complete 360 degree view of their organizations value creation and value capture strategies.

Shout Analytics is a social media analytics/social analytics platform that helps organizations to use the power of social media to understand, monitor, verify and respond to customer preferences and feedback.

Shout Analytics’ social media analytics/social analytics platform focuses on specific areas of insights with social media data to answer questions around brand perception, market interest and consumer preference. Its advanced analytical capabilities around predictive models, sentiment analysis and statistical models also allows organizations to build capabilities to improve sales lead generation, build sustainable ideas or develop models to track industry trends and challenges.

Shout Analytics’ social media analytics/social analytics platform also provides self service reporting modules and modules for social media marketing, social media monitoring, social network analysis and social CRM.

Currently shout Analytics supports data feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Blogger.

Shout Analytics Features

  • More than 22+ pre-built reports
  • Self service administrative portal
  • Capabilities to add competitors and keywords of interest
  • Daily / weekly / monthly update frequency available
  • Export to Excel, PDF, Microsoft Word
  • Compatible with tablets/iPad
  • Separate pre-built analysis for Google+/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
  • Identify trigger points , alerts, frequency of reports and SLA
  • Integrated alerting scheme, with API integration to CRM and ERP systems
  • Data prototyping with statistical analysis

we will also help you build custom social media analytics platform that cater to your organization’s needs.