Social Media Monitoring Services

Social media monitoring is one of the first steps towards integrating social media strategy with an organizations marketing roadmap. It is critical that the social media analytics is used to develop reports that target specific areas of interest and dedicated human resource is used to monitor the trends and respond to specific triggers.

Organizations often use social media to identify reputation based trends, however many of them fail to realize the value of identifying trends emerging from committed network of followers and unidentified competitors. Organizations have found that the real difference is built by understanding emerging trends that blend with their brand position and corporate message.

The demands of social media is different for every organizations, some organizations due to their requirement and size of data being exchanged need much more regular and customized monitoring services.

Our customized social media monitoring service center provides outsourced social media monitoring services for our customers. We identify critical needs of our customer as part of their social media strategy and set trigger points to identify triggers from trends emerging from social media data. Our dedicated support team helps marketing and sales teams respond to triggers and alerts, while also providing regular daily, weekly monitoring support.

As part of social media monitoring services, we provide our customers with

  • Social media strategy assessment
  • Identify trigger points , alerts, frequency of reports and SLA
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly data updates
  • More than 22+ pre-built reports
  • Integrated alerting scheme, with API integration to CRM and ERP systems
  • Capabilities to add competitors and keywords of interest
  • Separate pre-built analysis for Google+/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn

Pre-built Dashboard

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Monitoring Services

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Customized Analytics

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